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Poglia Handcrafted Knife With Solid Buffalo Horn _white


Poglia Handcrafted Knife With Solid Bone Handle

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The Poglia Signature Knife features Poglia’s classic bicolor striped handle, the signature of the Poglia collection. This multipurpose knife is a functional tool & conversation piece for the dining room or kitchen, and an heirloom for the avid collector.

No two Poglia knives are the same. Each blade is hand-drawn and forged from repurposed steel, and cut mostly from reclaimed plow disks. Everything is done the old-school way. Poglia knives are handled by eight hands, from the initial design to the final polish. The utility knives come in a trim leather sheath.

- Buffalo Horn 
- Reclaimed Carbon steel blade
- Solid brass details

Blade length: approximately 5.5 inches

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